About Us

Modern Day Idols (MDI) are an indie pop-rock trio formed in Boston in May 2011. Featuring veteran Boston singer-songwriterand Chris Wagner on vocals and guitar, Aaron Zak on drums and vocals., MDI was born of the mutual love for honest, memorable, melodic, and energetic rock and the collective desire to spread that love to all within earshot! MDI saw their live debut in the Fall of 2011 and following a short tour to refine their live act, and spent Winter 2012 through Summer of 2013 hard at work recording new material at Q Division and Rocksalt Studios with producer Craig Small. The band's debut CD titled "Almost Glad To See You," was released on September 7, 2013, and MDI are currently touring to support the album through early 2015. Keep checking back for the latest updates and news!  

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